These books offer a new and exciting approach to three of England’s greatest writers.

'One of the best ways to get to know a person is to go for a walk with them along the footpaths and lanes of their own countryside and listen to their views and ideas.

The chapters are arranged as a series of walking tours in which, quite literally, you become the writer’s companion. You accompany them on their travels, meet the people who were important to them and gain a fresh insight into their work. Literature ceases to be just words on a page - it comes to life!

As a teacher of English Literature I have found this approach most enjoyable and rewarding.

The tours are easy walking, of moderate length, and demand no special equipment apart from strong comfortable footwear. And if you are an armchair walker all you need is your imagination!

Cotswold Countryside

A Dorset lane

The Golden Hind
Just a few of the places you can visit on these walks