Walking with William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare's birthplace
Shakespeare's Birthplace

Walk with William Shakespeare through his world. Enjoy his plays, poetry and scenes from his life. Visit his home in Stratford and ramble in the countryside roundabout which he knew and loved. Roam the Cotswold hills where he probably taught school and explore the ruins of the Earl of Southampton’s mansion near Titchfield in Hampshire where he learnt courtly ways. Spend time in London, the scene of his greatest triumphs and home of a new Globe theatre. There is still so much of Shakespeare’s world to discover!
I include detailed maps and full directions for all the walks.

‘Brilliant – one of those books you didn’t realize you needed – you learn a lot, you get some great walks, and you stand where Shakespeare stood, literally, which is a literally awesome thought.’
Andrew Davies, Emmy and BAFTA winning screenwriter and author.

‘This delightful book takes the reader into the landscapes of Elizabethan England which Shakespeare knew, many of which still survive today. It is full of surprises, and will excite both the armchair traveller and the Shakespeare lover who wishes to follow in the bard’s footsteps on the ground – in his native Warwickshire, in the lanes of his home town, or in the teeming streets of his native London.’
Michael Wood, BBC Television presenter and author, 'In Search of Shakespeare'

‘This guide is not too topographical, nor too literary nor too historical, but a nicely balanced tripod of them all. It calls up your warmest, perhaps sometimes most moving recollections of the Works and…places.’ Stratford Herald, May 2005

Walking with William Shakespeare

Paperback. 224 pages. Photographs. Maps. Bibliography. Index.

ISBN (USA) 0-9763539-0-3
ISBN (UK) 9780976353904

The Interior of the Globe Theatre
Interior of the Globe Theatre
The Globe Theatre London
The Globe Theatre, London
Holy Trinity Church Stratford
Holy Trinity Church, Stratford
Bridge over the River ASvon at Stratford
Bridge over the River Avon Stratford

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William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
Bust of William Shakespeare at Love Lane  in London
Statue of William Shakespeare
Shakespeare's Grave
Shakespeare's Grave