pub Strolls in Dorset by Anne-Marie Edwards available to purchase online Pub Strolls in Dorset

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Pub Strolls in Dorset

Paperback. £7.95. 96 pages. Fully illustrated in colour.

ISBN 9781853066764

There is a wealth of beautiful places to discover in this wonderful county! The 30 short circular walks combine lovely scenery with the chance to enjoy a meal and a drink in a good local pub. All the walks are 4 miles or less in length and have been carefully planned to be suitable for families and every age group – the young, the not-so-young and the not-so-fit. All the walks are accompanied by sketch maps with numbering to match the text. Details are given of how to get to the start, where to park and interesting places to visit nearby.

Published by Countryside Books, Highfield House, Newbury, Berkshire, England

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