Guide Books for Walkers in Southern England
Hello, I’m Anne –Marie Edwards. Welcome to my walking website!

I live near the south coast, in Hampshire’s beautiful New Forest and for the last forty years
I have walked and written guide books about some of England’s loveliest countryside.

Walk with me in the footsteps of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy.
Visit the great country houses mentioned in the books. See the places that inspired their great works.
Use these walks books to help you explore the coasts and villages of Hampshire,
Dorset, the New Forest and Somerset
Have a meal in the local pub and then take a circular walk using my books as a guide.

Leave the well-trodden ways and follow footpaths winding through the countryside to
magnificent viewpoints. Walking the tranquil paths through woods full of birdsong and
stroll along leafy lanes to rural villages that seem untouched by time.

Everywhere there is a fascinating story to tell. My husband Mike accompanies me
taking the photographs and performing wonders with map and compass!

Originally I broadcast most of these walks on the BBC. I am a member of
the Ramblers Association and the Backpackers Club. I am also a member
of The British Shakespeare Association and the Jane Austen Society. I have
acted as a guide for many organisations and I am still available to
accompany selected tours - especially literary ones.
Anne Hathaways house
Old Harry Rocks
Beautiful moorland scene
'Stepping stones over the Barle near Withypool
Photographs of just a few of the places we visited on our walks and mention in my books.
See Gallery for more pictures
Below is a brief list of my book titles. Click for full details of each book

Literary Walks

Walking with William Shakespeare
Jane Austen's England
In the Steps of Thomas Hardy

Walks in Dorset

Pub Walks along the Dorset Coast Path
Pub Strolls in Dorset

Dorset Year Round Walks

Village Walks in Dorset

Waterside Walks in Dorset
Adventurous Pub Walks in Dorset
Footpaths for Fitness: Dorset
Pub Walks in Dorset

Walks in Somerset

Pub Strolls in Somerset

Village Walks in Somerset

Walks in Hampshire

The New Forest Companion
Pub Strolls in Hampshire and the New Forest
Short Walks from Pubs in the New Forest
Pub Walks along the Solent Way
Village Walks in Hampshire
Pocket Pub Walks in the New Forest

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